Navigating Transition

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Over the years, I've watched as friends transitioned between jobs and opportunities. I personally have experienced a decent amount of transition. 

With transition often comes a sense of loss and confusion. It can be deeply unsettling when you move on from a job or opportunity that you have invested your heart and soul into. 

Transition is inevitable. Nowadays, the younger generation is experiencing vocational transition at a much quicker rate than past generations, and with it, they know this sense of loss well.

In seasons of transition, remind yourself of these four powerful truths that I will share over the next four days. These four truths during transition can bring you stability and hope.

First, remember in transition: “Don't cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

This is a great mantra. We cannot control everything in our lives. We cannot guarantee which opportunities will stay or go.

But we can celebrate the opportunities and successes that have come our way. We can thank God for His gracious provision, even after we've moved on from a job or opportunity.

Life is so much about perspective, and having a healthy perspective will help us in countless ways. God wants to give us a perspective of gratitude, no matter what transitions come our way.