I'm Generous

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God Invented Giving

When God gave life to the universe, He spared nothing. Think of all the incredible gifts: beautiful sunsets, mountain peaks, and deep blue oceans. Think of the way plants give oxygen, a mother gives birth, and water gives life to every living thing. In fact, every living thing is—in some way—a giving thing. Why? Because the breath that spoke it into life is laced with generosity. Our God invented giving.

When through sin, we brought on physical and spiritual death, God once again found a creative way to give life. This time, He gave His only Son’s innocent life in place of our deserved death—the most generous gift of all.

Then, before Jesus ascended, He promised the coming of an encourager called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brought with Him powerful gifts for followers of Christ in order to build the Church and make the story of Jesus known.

Giving is in God’s history, of His heart, by His hand, to build His household. When we give, we act like Him, and we lend to His work.

Pray: God, thank You for giving me life, not once, but twice. Will You now give me the courage to spend my life giving back to You? Please help me to grow a heart of generosity toward my neighbor, my church, my family, and ultimately, You.