Authentic Purity

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Tired of the smoke and mirrors of our society, this generation has a deep longing for authenticity. We want the fluff to go away. We want the real thing. This new generation, known as “Generation Z,” values sincerity and authenticity. CNBC recently reported a survey showing that 67% of the members of Generation Z agreed that being true to one’s values and beliefs makes a person cool. The word authentic is defined as being real, genuine, of undisputed origin, true, and original. People desire something that is real and pure. 

An authentic Christian is someone who is not afraid to put others above themselves. It is a person who is inspired by God and who shows the love of Christ. It is someone who walks in faith, demonstrating the Father’s heart, and being God’s hands and feet. God is not calling us to be perfect. He wants us to be honest so He can continue to do His work in us to make us more like Him. Be honest with yourself so that God can transform your heart.

The Word of God encourages us to be people who purify ourselves from everything that contaminates the body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God. Our prayers should be as David’s in Psalm 51, asking God to create in us a pure heart and a renewed steadfast spirit. We live in a polluted, filthy, corrupted world and need God’s help to be authentic and pure. His Word washes us and cleans our hearts and minds. 

The New Testament introduces us to a very inauthentic group of people called the Pharisees. They were a Jewish sect who practiced strict observance of the Law of Moses and the traditions around it. They were known for their outward piety, but they had inward struggles. Jesus often called them hypocrites. 

A hypocrite is someone who is deceitful. Jesus wants us to be people who practice what we preach. We have all been hypocrites, but Jesus wants authenticity from us. 

If you find yourself acting a role instead of practicing what you believe, ask God to create in you a pure heart. Jesus loves you as you are and wants to transform you into His likeness. God is a forgiving Father who pours grace over your life. Come as you are.