Reverse the Curse: How Jesus Moves Us From Death to Life


Day 1 - Naked and Ashamed 

God made us in His image. It’s our identity. The more we know about Him, the more we’ll know about ourselves. And Adam and Eve had unlimited access to knowing Him. They could walk with God in the garden He created. Shameless. Unhidden. Honest. It was the perfect relationship.

And then Adam and Eve let the suggestion that God was not really trustworthy take root, and they ate the fruit that God had forbidden. Just like that, the curse came down. They were expecting to become like God. Instead of the power and glory they were anticipating, they felt uncovered, vulnerable, and ashamed. Their identity was destroyed.

But Romans 8:1-2 declares that the curse of sin no longer condemns those who are in Christ Jesus. Instead, the Spirit of life is at work in us reversing the curse and inviting us to join Him as His sons and daughters. He restores our identity as His own children.


  • The response to shame is often to hide. In what ways do you hide? Confess your sin this week to the Lord, and then to a trusted brother or sister in Christ.

  • Do you know who you are? Can you identify how God has redeemed your shame?