AntiVirus: How To Face These Days Without Fear

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All over the world, people like you and I, are reeling with uncertainty, fear and for some, panic. More than ever, this fearful world needs a fearless God.  I live in South Africa, and our country has excessively high crime rates, one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world and fear runs wild around here.

The biggest battle humankind is facing is not the Coronavirus; instead, it is the fear that it produces when we listen to the scary stories. Fear is a reaction to a situation we are in or could be in. It creates a response in our emotions and body where we become anxious and even ill. In other words, fear can wreak havoc in our life.

In Jeremiah 30:5, the Lord says to him, “I hear cries of fear; there is terror and no peace.” The COVID-19 has not caught the Lord by surprise. Even when we are surprised, we have a choice to make. We can turn to the Lord and gauge our response from the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Bible, or we can react in panic and fear.

What about the COVID-19 that makes you feel afraid? Fear of contamination, fear of illness, fear of rejection or fear of loss? There could be others. Bring them to the Lord in prayer and choose to lay them down at His feet. Don’t pretend, rather bring them into His light and allow Him to give you comfort and wisdom.