Evangelism: Loving God, Loving Others

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Discover Love’s Reality

In this short Bible reading plan, we’re looking at evangelism through the Infinitum lenses of loving God and loving others. 

“This is how we have discovered love’s reality: Jesus sacrificed His life for us. Because of this great love, we should be willing to lay down our lives for one another” (1 John 3:16 TPT).

This is what love is all about – Jesus sacrificed His life for us (or, in the TPT footnotes: “placed His soul over us and we are constantly indebted to place our souls over our brothers and sisters.”). And do you notice the order? Jesus loves us first. He is the great Initiator. He started the romance. We merely respond to Him. We simple ‘discover love’s reality’. We experience His ‘great love’. And that changes everything. 

It changes us – transforms us. We end up starting a relationship with Him that will last into eternity. It changes how we see ourselves and our world, how we prioritize things and people, what we aim and dream and hope for, and heaps more. 

And it (super)naturally overflows from us. Jesus’ love is too intense, too concentrated to be contained in my life, in your life. Once we are saturated by it, Jesus’ love oozes out of us to people with whom we engage through our days. We actually begin to love them with Jesus’ love. We ‘lay down our lives for one another’. Just as Jesus’ love transforms us, it transforms others, and this is the most powerful means of evangelism.