A Peacemakers Seven Day Devotional: Part 2

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading



The Lord is righteous in all His ways  

and kind in all His works. (Psalm 145:17, ESV)  


What does “all” mean? Does it mean all? Or do you have an exception clause in your mind? Is your “all” really most? Or some? The word here in Hebrew is kōl, which means “whole, every, everything, or the everything of something.”  

The Lord is righteous—morally and ethically just—in all His ways (in the whole or everything of His ways). We can count on God’s ways as being 100% righteous and just. Not only that, but He is also kind in all His works. Think about the works of God. Dwell on His ways. All that He does is just and kind, righteous and benevolent. His actions are the same as who He is—both morally and ethically right and merciful. So don’t get confused by your circumstances. Your circumstances aren’t necessarily the ways of God. They might be the ways of this fallen world.  


God’s ways are righteous and kind. Yet, at times, our hearts loudly object that God’s way is wrong and even mean. At times like that, it’s helpful to ask yourself, What do I actually believe? Do I believe what my heart says or what God’s Word says? When circumstances announce, “That’s not fair,” and life says, “That’s cruel,” reply with the truth: God is righteous and kind. Inform your emotions that God is morally and ethically just. Speak the Word of God to your inner self. Insist that your soul align itself with the truth we have in God’s Word. God is right. God is kind. 


Lord, right now, I’m telling my soul and my emotions what’s true: Place your hope in the just and kind God, the God who makes every aspect of our life right. The One who transforms our mourning and helps us experience joy again. Father, thank you for your Word because it helps me to correct my thoughts and live in the truth…. (Continue praying.)