How Do I Know God’s Will?

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What Is God’s Will for My Life?

The subject of God’s will is quite popular among Jesus followers. There’s one pressing question that many of us have: “What is God’s will for my life?” Because this can be a confusing thing for many, we often put our lives on hold until we “hear from God.” The truth is, we have heard from God about this very topic.

To understand God’s will, we must go to the Bible for guidance. There are Godly people around us who will have insight and advice that can be valuable. But it’s vital that we seek God’s truth above all. No amount of human reasoning or input can replace what we find in the Bible. 

God’s will is specific, and it’s not. It’s specific in that we can read what God has in store for us. But, it’s not specific in that maybe we’re asking the wrong question. Instead of asking, “What is God’s will for my life?” maybe we should be asking a more simple, profound one: “What is God’s will?” 

This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have good plans for you specifically. He does. Nor does it mean that He isn’t personally concerned with you. He is. And it doesn’t mean He hasn’t gifted you to do specific things on earth. He has. It’s just that God’s will and plan on this earth are to accomplish His purposes, not ours. God is the Heavenly Director, orchestrating His plan on earth, and we get to play our part in it.

Some things are easy to decipher while others require faith and patience. Author and pastor, John Piper, describes two wills of God: His Will of Decree and His Will of Command. God’s Will of Decree can’t be undone; it will happen. It’s often considered to be unknown or a mystery. God’s Will of Command is what God commands us to do. We can disobey these if we choose. These are things from the Bible that we know we’re to do. In this Plan, we’ll simplify these wills and refer to them as Unknown and Known. 

Over the next few days of this Plan, we’ll discuss the different aspects of God’s will. Journey along with us to grasp new insight into a discussion that has been on the hearts and minds of many followers of Christ for centuries. 


  • When you think of God’s will, what comes to your mind?