Does God Hear Your Prayers?

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I remember when God's answer to my prayers stared me straight in the face one morning. It was the very first time I heard Him "speak" to me indirectly through something I had seen.

My family was going through a challenging and dangerous time with my then-teenaged daughter. After much guidance from a Christian counselor, my husband and I decided to fly her to a well known and highly recommended Christian Boarding School for help. After dropping her off, I  prayed that God would take care of her and that He would heal her from her deep emotional wounds. I desperately needed Him to hear my prayers. 

The following morning, after haven taken a very hot shower, thereby steaming up the hotel bathroom, I was amazed by what had become visible on the upper part of the fogged-up mirror. I saw the following words: "God hears prayer."

I was amazed, and a sense of peace came over me. I was supposed to have seen those words that very morning. God was telling me not to worry. He had heard my prayers, and everything was going to be ok. After ten months, my daughter returned home. She was in a much better place, mentally, spiritually, and physically. God had heard and answered my prayers. Now, I write that same message on every hotel bathroom mirror when I travel in hopes that God can give that message, through me, to anyone who may need it. I thank God for hearing and answering my prayer.