Things Above

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If someone told you that your relationship with your Dad should be only based on knowledge and understanding you might quickly assert that it would be quite a dysfunctional relationship. And yet so many of us think that our relationship with our Heavenly Father should be devoid of experience, emotion and even intimacy. This is likely because we are so often told to be wary of chasing experiences with God, to not over emotionalise our relationship with him and to try to engage with him purely on an intellectual level. If our relationship with the Heavenly Father is just that, a relationship, then if it were not both intellectual and emotional it would be very dysfunctional! God the Father wants to engage you in an intimate, unique and passionate relationship with him.

Many of us follow God like we follow someone on Instagram, highly aware of what He has done but not intimately involved in a real relationship. It is so easy to feel that we know a lot about our Heavenly Father without feeling like we know him. Maybe you are hungry for a real connection with your Heavenly Father. You long for an intimate, unique relationship with Him. Maybe you long to not just know that He loves you, but feel his love for you. Maybe you believe that he loves you because he just generally loves people, and isn’t uniquely delighted in and proud of you. 

Read these scriptures today and get a sense of the delight of the Father for you and in you. Come on the journey with us to discover how to have intimacy with the Father in all seasons of life, highs and lows, good and bad. Because you are specifically and uniquely loved by the Father. It’s time to reconnect with the Father’s heart and hear His voice. Because He has so many exciting things to tell you, about you! And don’t forget that this devotional is designed to be paired with the podcast series ‘things above’ of the Generation Podcast. So have a listen to episode 1 of the podcast for a deeper discussion on intimacy with the Father.