Trusting the Lord When Your Life Falls Apart

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God Does Not Reject You

I spent the majority of my childhood walking barefoot. My shoes had holes, so I walked and felt the sun on my feet. Felt the rain water flow. I also spent a good part of my childhood with dental problems; my mother's calcium insufficiency during pregnancy left me wanting.

I needed to go to school, but didn't have a uniform. So a friend lent me his. I went to school in the morning, and then quickly returned it so he could attend in the afternoon.

Amidst these difficulties, my family struggled. We were surviving on only 2 or 3 dollars each day. Our meals consisted of a piece of bread and boiled water, chocolate if we could get it. How can you sustain a full life with just that?

My mother understood the essentiality of education, so applied for me to study music in a local art institute. But after a short spell, they expelled me. We then applied to a literature program – they dismissed me. I felt rejected, forgotten, and hopeless. I was dealing with worrying levels of low self-esteem. It felt like the whole world kept repeating to me: “You are weak; you are poor; you have no opportunities.”

We continued applying, and I was finally accepted into a small church in my community. They worked with poor children with the support of a ministry called Compassion. There, I not only received an education. I ate food – more than boiled water and chocolate. They bought me shoes for my bare feet and a uniform to go to school. I was taken care of.

In the Psalm read today, we find one of the most beautiful prayers in the entire Bible.

The psalmist recognizes that God designed him in the “womb of his mother." He uses the pronoun "me" to refer to himself before he was born. The use of the word "womb" is the only instance of the use of that word in the Bible.

Although poverty was a reality, and with it, the rejection, God had a plan of provision and care for my life. 

You cannot control the conditions in which you come to the world, but God does control everything. You have been formed the the hands of an amazing and wonderful Lord. Your days are written in the book of God, and your circumstances, good and bad, never escape God's control.

He knows you, loves you, and protects you. He does not reject you; rest on how excellent his deeds are.