Think About the Things You Think About

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


Think About These Things

Have you ever stopped to think about, well, what you think about? 

It sounds weird. But it’s actually important to open up your own mind and take a peek at what’s going on in there. Once you do, it can become clear to you that some of the things you spend time thinking about aren’t really all that helpful, healthy, or godly. 

Okay, just think about today. 

Did you spend any time at all thinking about any of these things? 

  • How a certain person annoys you

  • How you’d do everything differently if you were your own parent

  • How your teacher(s) bug(s) you

  • Something you’re afraid of

  • Something you’re worrying about

  • A show or YouTube channel that your parents said you shouldn’t watch

  • How your siblings are irritating

  • How you hate not being able to eat whatever snacks or junk you want

  • How jealous you are of someone

Chances are super high that you spent time thinking about something that fit into one of the categories above. Or maybe there was something else that wasn’t exactly pure or lovely that caught your thoughts today. 

Over the next five days, you’re going to learn to control your mind better. How? You guessed it! By thinking about the things you think about! 

Watch this video for a great song to help you memorize the Bible verse you’ll learn as you read this Bible Plan. The song is from Philippians 4:8. This video uses the NIV translation. It might be helpful for you to use that version as you complete this Bible Plan. 

Ask yourself: What do I spend most of my time thinking about? Is it godly? What are some things I’d like to spend more time thinking about? 

Challenge yourself: Start. A. Gratitude. Journal. Right now! You could staple some papers together. Use a sticky note pad. Grab a notebook. Whatever! Just get yourself something you can use as a journal, and write down one thing from today that you’re thankful for. It should be something good, pure, lovely, excellent, and so on. Think about that—and write it down.  It can literally be just one sentence and today’s date. Don’t skip this step!

Pray: God, thank You for the way You made my mind. I can choose what my mind spends time thinking about. Help me to get better and better at focusing on the good You have created and the good You have brought to me. In Jesus’ name, amen.