Jesus Reigns

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In the drama of human affairs, many aspire to be at the center stage. Many people, particularly parents, will invest a lot of themselves and their efforts only for them and their children to be great someday. The global community with its powerful arm called media attracts many to further their aspiration for prominence. Whereas before, greatness was closely associated with virtues such as endurance, heroism and inventiveness, which were often recognized - either later in life, or after one's death; today greatness is often attached to glamour, prestige, wealth and power.

With frequent exposure to animated super heroes (e.g. Batman, Avengers, Marvel Superheroes), endless beauty and muscle pageants, indirect glorification of underworld characters, irresponsible and high commercialized movie/tv plots, sensational and often scandalous exposition of the lives of the rich and famous. The public (particularly the children) are developing their own version or shall we say, perversion of greatness. It is becoming more fictional, commercially sensational and violently competitive. For one to be great in our day, one should surpass or outstrip others, either in physical strength, appearance, mental ability and marketability. Greatness seems to reside on those who have gold, extra girls and men, goons, guns and guts. It is almost next to impossible, for one who has no access to them, to be great.

Let me introduce to you a classic and tested version of greatness, which has not failed to earn the praise of men and nations and more importantly, the approval of God Himself. Jesus Christ exemplified this version of greatness that has earned the honor to be declared the Greatest of all the greats. As a matter of fact, God exalted Jesus Christ above all creatures, for all time. No man has ever changed the world except for Jesus Christ. Civilizations rose, great architectures, universities to educate were founded, people and nation changed all because of Jesus Christ.