Finding And Living Out Your Purpose

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 The Source Of Purpose  

One of the world’s most popular brands in kids' toys is Lego. They create plastic construction toys for children of all ages, and they make sure each set comes with a complete manual for correct usage of the toy. This manual will have step-by-step instructions on how to construct things using the many pieces in the set so that it helps us create things just like the makers of Lego intended. Similarly in our journey through life as followers of Christ, we don’t need to go through life unaided and without direction. We have God’s word, the Bible as the manual for our life where God reveals his plans, desires and purposes towards us. If we look to the world in our search for purpose, we are sure to find ourselves wandering aimlessly or chasing the wrong ideas that popular culture dictates. Just as a Lego creator knows the best ways to get the maximum benefit  and fulfillment out of his toy so also does our creator see the depth and variety of purpose our life carries. 

Are you prepared to draw near to God so that he can reveal his plans for your present and future?


Dear Lord, I ask of you today to reveal your heart for me through your Word. Explain the deep mysteries to me and reveal your thoughts to me. In Jesus’ name Amen.