The Business of Loving Thy Neighbor

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A Rightful View of Ownership

Owning a business and owning property comes with a lot of responsibility. Everything and everyone beneath you looks up to the example you set for them. So, how are you stewarding this responsibility?

If you’re looking for someone to sympathize with your position, King David is your guy. He was in charge of an entire nation! Yet, even with all the power that he held, he knew that he wasn’t worthy of it. He looked to God for where to go, what to do, and how to respond.

We can follow his example. Let’s start by praying for a heart posture that views ourselves as stewards and not owners...

Lord, thank you for the privilege of being an owner. Everything I have is ultimately yours, for you are the ruler of heaven and earth and everything belongs to you. I am merely your guest – a tenant living in your home, as were my ancestors before me. Thank you for your abundant generosity. Help me to be a faithful steward of all you have entrusted to me. I pray for the people living under my care, that they will know you and prosper. Many of them are struggling. Please meet their needs. Give me creative ways to minister to them. May I be kind, generous, and just in all of my business affairs. Amen.