Be Revived

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DAY ONE: Be Healed From Your Sin

When I was on the streets, I broke every law I could. I not only used drugs but also cooked and sold them. I did collections on people who refused to pay their drug debts. I trafficked in stolen goods (including weapons) and was in and out of jail for years.

My crimes escalated until the Feds busted me while I was cooking meth in a lab. The court then gave me a lengthy prison sentence.

The pressures of my circumstances drove me into the arms of God. As I began my long incarceration, the Holy Spirit gave me a hunger for the Word. I started a Bible study within my cellblock. Then one night God told me I would have a new release date. Eighteen months later His word came to pass. Seven years was taken off of my sentence.

God sent His Word to heal you and save you from destruction (Ps. 107:20). His Word does not return to Him void but accomplishes what He desires (Isa. 55:11).

You are probably not a meth cook or a career criminal like I was. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no rebellion in you. In this devotional, don’t just study these verses; decree them over your life daily. If you’re not sure where you have been disobedient, get in the Lord’s presence and ask Him to reveal the truth so your heart can be healed.