Bible MBA


A Foreword

"For me, to live is Christ"

This simple statement is one of the most profound that Scripture confronts us with. Paul the Apostle evaluates the entire point of his life and reaches the conclusion: “for me, to live is Christ”. 

It is important that you consider the fundamental question that is answered so simply here, and that you search your heart for an honest answer. It is supremely important to ask the question, “What really does it mean for me to live, what is the point of my life?” 

For Paul, life meant Christ. It was as simple as that. Christ was at once the substance and the sum of life. He was the point of it. Not many believers can say the same today. How about you? 

For many, there's family life, where Christ is an occasional guest; there's church life, where Christ may tend to have a higher profile; and there's work life, which we have too often labeled secular, and from where Christ has been all but banished. This division of life into parts wasn't the reality for Paul; for him, it was all one neat, wholesome package – Christ. 

Now every believer who retains the witness of the Holy Spirit ought to feel a yearning for this sort of life. The sort that is all wrapped in and embodied by Christ. For such a person, the point of life becomes to allow Christ to live through them. When life is lived like that, a man may find work no less a spiritual activity than going to church and is, thus, liberated from the yoke of the partitioned life. 

For the Christian who leads a business, the partition can tend to be a wall as menacing as that of Jericho. The devil has done a lot to warp the minds of people and entrench the false idea that the marketplace is an arena into which you may not enter with your faith life. 

This 50-day devotional is designed to lead you on a journey during which the Holy Spirit will help you pull down this false partition. The desire, and heartfelt prayer with which this devotional is shared with you is that at the end of this journey, when you survey all that your life entails, you shall be able to truthfully say "for me, to live is Christ."