Judgment Seat of Christ

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 A Glimpse of Eternity 

  This extraordinary life of the age to come is difficult to picture. Though Scripture describes it in powerful images, its practical details are beyond me. However, two things I do know: it is unspeakably more glorious than all the wealth of this world, and you can choose to live for it. While most people are chasing new cars, bigger houses, and stacks of “green paper,” others have decided they will pursue treasures in heaven. 

The book of Revelation paints a striking picture of saints who sit on thrones and receive power from God to judge (Rev. 20:4). This is not symbolic; they occupy actual thrones and receive real authority to judge and rule all of creation with King Jesus. However, not everyone will receive the same reward in the age to come. Some believers will be closer in proximity to the throne of God, while others will receive special honors from Him in front of all creation.  

In this world, self-promoting, proud people love to magnify themselves with status symbols that demonstrate their wealth or power. They spend their whole lives in pursuit of earthly riches, but one day they’ll look up at the ones sitting with Christ. Weeping, they’ll lament, “I’ve wasted my whole life searching for things that were dust in the wind, and I didn’t want to know it!” 

As for believers, God will decorate men and women with honor, wealth, and power beyond anything this world has ever known. I don’t know about you, but I want Jesus to tattoo His new name on me and to sit on a throne with Him. I want to eat from the tree of life and wear a crown on my head. I want to be close to Him for all eternity and gaze upon the One who sits upon the throne and on the Lamb forever.