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Heroic Husbandry: Reclaiming Hero Status in Your MarriageSample

Heroic Husbandry: Reclaiming Hero Status in Your Marriage

DAY 1 OF 5

Hero’s Guide

I will always remember the day Captain “Sully” famously landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River! People praised him for pulling off an extraordinary task, but he explained it differently: years and years and years of quiet, monotonous study, practice, and teaching safety protocol. When his plane barreled into that flock of geese – which shut off the engines – Sully didn’t frantically search for the manual, screaming, “What do I do?!” He already knew. Sully had every nuanced scenario memorized. It was second nature to him. Anything less than that would’ve spelled disaster for those 155 passengers.

This is a wonderful picture for Heroic Husbandry. Like Sully, we must be the sort of husbands that can handle every situation thrown our way in marriage, because we’ve faithfully studied the manual. The guide. Whether it’s Luke with Yoda or a pirate with his map, every hero has his guide. For Heroic Husbands, our guide is the Bible. 

When we study the Bible, we learn about Jesus - the ultimate Heroic Husband.

But how does one master the Bible like Sully mastered the training manual? 

Not easily, hero. There is no shortcut to learning Scripture just like there’s no easy way to land a plane atop water! But it is possible. It is within your grasp! What’s important is making your commitment today. Even if it’s just five minutes, it counts. It matters. Then stick to it tomorrow.  

Study the Bible more than you ever have. Steep your soul in it. As Horatius Bonar wrote, “Transfuse it through the whole texture of the soul.” In that holy time before His Word, aim for these twin goals: to both know and obey God.

The accumulated time and effort you put in will snowball into something larger. Then when unexpected challenges knock out your engines, you’ll know what to do.

That’s when your wife will notice, and be blessed.

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About this Plan

Heroic Husbandry: Reclaiming Hero Status in Your Marriage

We love to watch movies where the hero triumphs against all odds, yet our lives rarely feel as heroic. This 5-day plan aims at growing your relationship with Jesus first, to help you embrace the high call of husbandry in...


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