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Reflections On The Gospel Of John Sample

Reflections On The Gospel Of John

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After months of attempting to become pregnant, the young mother finally conceives and is now excited about carrying and bringing new life into the world. She begins to imagine all the things she will experience in the years to come as this child grows and develops.

In the fifth month she begins to experience pains and contractions to the point she is almost convinced it is time to begin pushing the infant inside of her, out. Doctors warn her against pushing because the infant has not sufficiently shaped into what he or she will be, since the normal term for a pregnancy is nine months.

If the baby were born now, not only would it be underdeveloped but there would also be the potential that he or she could suffer serious health risks and future side effects. The young mother heeds the advice of the doctors, endures weeks of uncomfortable bed rest, and then delivers a healthy baby at the appointed time.

There are many believers in the body of Christ who are filled with purpose and destiny, who know there is a calling of God on their life, and are pregnant with God’s anointing that is ready to just burst forth; however, no matter how painful it may be to experience the labor pains without actually bringing anything forth, we must each learn how to hold on and patiently wait for the right time.

It may not be the appropriate time to deliver that which is on the inside yet; therefore, we must learn to wait on God’s timing and allow Him to develop us so that we can bring forth that which will be a blessing to others, and not a stumbling block.

Jesus Christ is a perfect example of someone who patiently awaited the promise. Jesus lived in the earth for thirty years before He was anointed and released for public ministry (MAT.3.16-17). Imagine knowing that you are God in the flesh (JHN. 1.1,14), having all power and authority in your hand, but not being able to use this power because the timing was not right or had yet to be approved by God.

As believers we must learn to not get ahead of God, because the anointing upon us and in us is for the appointed time—-the time appointed by God, not us (JER.29.11)
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Reflections On The Gospel Of John

This devotional plan provides a different perspective on faith in the life of the believer utilizing Scripture references from the Gospel of John to challenge readers to change the way they think about everyday practical...


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