Intimacy With God

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DAY ONE: Why Intimacy With God is Important

Relationship with God is the substance of Christianity. It is the foundation of all spirituality. It is the purpose for Jesus’ sacrifice, the culmination of the gospel, the bedrock of your life. Everything you do, think, experience, and believe is rooted in the quality of this relationship. Knowing what kind of relationship God is looking for, understanding what the terms of this relationship are, and knowing what kind of person you are entering a relationship with are essential parts of getting the most out of that relationship.

I have been married for nearly twelve years now, and still my relationship with my wife is an ever-unraveling mystery. Every day I learn more about who she is and how to love her. I still learn how to do life with her, how to connect more with her, and how to build a bright future with her.

The Bible uses the metaphor of marriage on several occasions to draw a picture of the relationship between God and humankind. I love this because it so beautifully captures the intimacy, mystery, and progression of a relationship with God. We are always discovering more of who He is, more of how He loves us, and more of how we can love Him.