Solidarity With Christ

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Lights out

“ give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” Luke 1:79

Those who have fled violent persecution know about darkness and the shadow of death. 

In refugee camps, life without tangible light instills fear in women and children, who are most vulnerable to danger and violence. Electricity is not simply a convenience, or tool to make life easier, it  is security.  

Violence in Myanmar has forced over 911,000 Rohingya people to flee for their lives to makeshift camps over the border in Bangladesh.

  • More than two thirds of these are children.

  • Nearly 8,000 children have been orphaned.

  • They are now at high risk of forced marriage, human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

  • The majority of the Rohingya people do not have a legal identity in Bangladesh or Myanmar citizenship.

  • More than half of all women in the camp say that they  feel unsafe.

We want to see solar powered lights installed in camps to improve safety. To allow women and children to move around with less anxiety and insecurity.


Almighty God,

We lift up the Rohingya refugees to you. 
We pray in particular for those children who 
have been orphaned; please comfort, heal and protect them.

We pray for your loving presence to fill the refugee camp. 
Bless the hands of all those who are working to alleviate 
people’s suffering. In particular, we pray that the 
trauma counselling will help bring hope and healing.

Let your peace reign over the Rohingya people. 
In Jesus’ name we pray, amen


In solidarity with those who have to live without electricity or light at night we will turn off our lights today. In addition you can turn off your heat or AC as our displaced brothers and sisters are often living without power. 


We hope this week has been not only challenging, but also centering. We pray you have felt the Lord near as you felt discomfort.