Book of 2 Chronicles



God has great plans for our lives—things far beyond our expectations. For example, as the people of Israel were leaving Egypt, God caused the Egyptians to be generous and they gave expensive things to the people of Israel. In one night, the people of Israel suddenly became rich. These "gifts" were eventually used for the building of the first tabernacle. 

Solomon gained God's grace. God opened the opportunity for many nations to come, bringing treasures to Solomon. The Bible tells us nothing can match the wealth of Solomon in this world. It is all God's grace.

Solomon never asked for material wealth, knowing all comes from God's grace. The apostle Paul said God's grace was sufficient for him. This same grace is available to us as we are totally surrendered to God. 

God gives grace to everyone who is His. What kind of person does God want? One who sincerely seeks His face and loves Him more than anything else. Let us continue to know God more.

 God loves us not because we are worthy, but because the GRACE OF GOD is enough.