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Reclaiming Social MediaSample

Reclaiming Social Media

DAY 1 OF 5

Should You Give Up Social Media?

Should you give up social media? As a Christian, you’ve probably asked yourself this before.

There are many cons to social media. For one, it captures our attention—ensnares us in a habit that was never intentionally built. We were made for freedom, and yet we’ve found ourselves trapped in an unintentional habit. 

Higher social media use has also been linked to greater anxiety, loneliness, and depression in people. 

These cons might be enough to leave social media entirely.

But the pros of social media can’t be ignored. We are called to be a city on a hill and social media can become a vehicle for this. It’s another opportunity to put Christ on display and draw closer to people who need Him the most.

A recent study has shown that getting rid of social media is only beneficial if you view it as being harmful to your wellbeing. If this is you, maybe a break would serve you well. But if not, then you have an opportunity to rewrite your relationship with social media.

What we need is a sanctified purpose for our social media use. If we are to give glory to God in everything, surely there is a way to glorify Him through every scroll and like on social media.

In this 5-day Bible plan, we’ll explore what the Bible has to say about how we use social media. And in just a few days, we’ll work to rewrite our relationship with social media, so it can become a platform we use to glorify God. 

Today, pray that God would open you up to a new relationship with social media. He will do great work in you this week.

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Reclaiming Social Media

Is social media consuming your time and attention? Is this glorifying to God, or does something need to change with your relationship to social media? In this 5-day Bible Plan, you’ll discover Biblical insights to reclai...


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