The Life of Jesus, Part 1 (1/10)

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


The bio of a word?

I love to read bio’s and so do many others. Walk into a bookstore and you will see the piles of biographies. We love knowing what happened in the lives of (famous) people.

Have you ever read the biography of Nelson Mandela? Or another inspiring person, like Ghandi, or Banksy. A lot of times these books are written because we’d like to remember the things they’ve accomplished.

The most read biography in the world is about Jesus and was written by John of Zebedee. In this biography, he calls Jesus the Word of God and this Word was the source of life. Sounds like someone who accomplished something amazing, right? How is that not interesting to read at least once?

But John also writes something strange: God’s Word becomes flesh. Cryptic….. This biography of Jesus is about the most famous person in the world. I invite you to get to know Him!

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