The Life of Jesus, Part 4 (4/10)

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Jesus and Maslow

Maslow’s pyramid is well-known. We have our primary needs. If not fulfilled, we struggle. Hunger and thirst. They are primary elements of our daily life. They determine our everyday rhythm. We live from meal to meal. And if we don’t eat and drink, we’ll die. We cannot even think about the next level of Maslow.

In Jesus’ life we get another perspective.

Jesus knows this is crucial for our bodies, but he opens our eyes for other things. His view and perspective of life is broader and larger. Even beyond the level that Maslow talks about. Jesus looks beyond death, our body etc. He shows that food and drinks help to maintain our bodies, but they will never fulfill forever. We will be hungry again.

He points to himself. When you know Jesus and accept him into your life, he will really fill your life in a way nothing else can. A hole in our lives is filled by him. It will be filled forever. And this truth, as Jesus refers to it, will last forever. Even when you die, life goes on. If you've never believed in Jesus, try it out. Seek to accept Jesus in your life and he promises to give peace for your soul. 

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