The Five Solas

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Scripture Alone 

The word of God is inspired, inerrant, sufficient and has final authority over a Christ follower. As we follow Jesus, we don’t place our traditions, culture, feelings, and opinions over the word of God. Scripture is not against but instead forms the basis for our traditions and culture. When we hold the bible, we affirm that it is the very Word of God and we delight in reading, meditating and studying it to know God and live for Him. 

We live in a world where truth is relative, and we don’t want any absolute authority over our lives. We want to be masters of our own destiny. We also live in a world where many false teachers sway people from the truth of God’s word. 

It is important for us to go back to the Scriptures to get our wisdom and understanding about the issues of life. Scripture teaches us about God and reveals the truth about ourselves. Scripture guides us to live a life that pleases and honors God. 

When we come to Scripture, we need to have a posture of being teachable and humble. We should resist the tendency to choose parts, which we obey based on our interests and comfort. 

How is your posture toward God’s word? Do you spend time feeding from the feast of the banquet of God’s word and drinking from the fountain of living water? Do you submit before His word with total and joyful obedience? Does God’s word confront and challenge you in a way that makes you more like Him?