Book of 2 Kings



Apostle Paul had experienced a lot of hardships and challenges along his journey to spread the Gospel to many places.  He experienced a lot of sufferings since he repented such as being in prison, being in stripes, being beaten with rods, being stoned, being shipwrecked, and other sufferings. But he could boast and say that nothing can separate him from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

When someone who has just repented and believes in Jesus suddenly has to face sufferings and hardship because of his faith in Jesus, there is a tendency that this person will not be able to stand it and turn back to his old life.

When God brought the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promised Land, God could have brought the Israelites through the shortcut that required only 11 days but God didn’t do that.  Instead, God brought them through the path that encircled the desert that required 40 years.

There is a tendency of our human nature to give up when we face challenges and difficulties in life. We give up with the situation, give up with ourselves, give up with our family, work, and ministry and even sometimes we give up with God.

Let us remember the great love of God to us (John 3:16). He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with us also freely give us the help and way out of our problems? God never gives up with us, therefore we shall not give up with our problems too. 

Do not ever give up, hold firm our hope to God, because God will never let us down.