Book of 2 Samuel



David did something that Saul ignored and because of this, Saul was rejected by God. Can you guess what is it? Saul forgot to consult God for his next steps; he forgot to ask God for His guidance. Asking God’s guidance is actually the key to David's success. David didn’t look for God’s blessings; he focused on living a life guided by God. David’s desire to follow God’s will caused him to always ask God for his next steps. (2 Samuel 2:1).

We know that long before David was anointed as the King of Judah, it seemed the right time for David to take the throne. But David didn’t push for that. He kept seeking God’s guidance and will. David fully understood that the anointing he required to be king came from God and he understood that God could fulfil His promises without David’s intervention. David knew that it was better to let God establish and strengthen the anointing to be the king rather fighting to become king. 

We can observe how David was patient while waiting upon the Lord until God fulfiled His promise. David fully understood that if God had chosen him, it didn’t mean that he could do what he liked. He understood that God’s favour caused him to be more dependent upon God to do His will. David is a good role model for us to follow. 

Today, a lot of people seek for direction for their life. The problem is whether the direction we walk in is according to God, according to the world, or according to our selfish desires. Is the road we take always good and acceptable to God? Let us always seek God to ask for the direction.

God has prepared the right way for our future. Ask Him to show you His way.