A Kid's Guide To Luke


We Can Follow God’s Directions

Who cares about the step-by-step operating instructions for the computer or the care details for your new shirt? Some of the directions seem written for engineers. You’re probably great at figuring things out on your own, but just in case, you pull out the instructions. Refer to Figure 1, Step 12…

Following others’ directions and plans can be rough. And humbling. Read Psalm 143:9-10. King David, traditionally held to be the writer of Psalm 143, had immense power, but even he couldn’t figure out how to overcome all his challenges. Instead, David turned to God. He asked God to rescue him, teach him, and lead him. David confidently recognized, “You are my God!” and likewise, as we see in the New Testament, Mary and Joseph followed the plans that God had given to them through angels.

Like David, keep God’s Word—your set of life’s directions—readily at hand, and stay open to asking God for help.

Why is it sometimes difficult to follow directions? How can pride affect how you receive instruction? What would it look like for you to stay more in step with God’s plans?

Read the labels on some of your clothes. Notice the specifics for proper care. Begin this week with a fresh openness to the care instructions that come from God’s Word. Ask Him to guide you.