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Cornelius Fast

DAY 1 OF 21


Welcome to the 21-day "Cornelius Fast". Set aside this time to seek the Lord as Cornelius did, praying regularly and fasting most of the day in a manner appropriate to your particular physical ability. 

Cornelius not only sought the Lord for himself but desired that others would know Him also. Cornelius used his circle of influence and invited family and friends to his home to hear a message from God. 

Pray - fast - gather and feast is a suggested method for the Cornelius Fast.

1.  Pray - Designate a set time and place to pray every day. Seek the Lord with all your heart. Pray for those in your circle of friends and family who do not yet know the Lord.

2.  Fast - Fast every day that you are able until 3 pm and in a manner appropriate to your physical ability. Some may be able to totally abstain from food, whereas others may limit the type of food, for example, fruit & veg, grains, juice. Afterwards, enjoy a meal as usual.

3.  Gather - During the fast gather with your church family.

4.  Feast - Plan at least one special meal with your small group/bible study or with your family and friends. Invite those who do not yet know the Lord to join you for the meal, creating an opportunity to share about the Lord. When and how is up to you. Allow the Lord to guide you. Be creative. Prepare a delicious meal. Open your hearts and your home. Sharing a meal creates relationship.


The narrative from Acts 9 – 11 takes place in the area indicated on the map below. The contemporary reader understood these place names and the distances between them. All these locations still exist today in modern Israel. They can be visited, making it easy to visualise how Peter and others could walk between these cities. Lydda (Lod) to Joppa - 23 km, Joppa (Jaffa) to Caesarea - 62 km

Caesarea Maritima was a lavish purpose-built seaport city built by Herod the Great, and the Roman seat of government for Judea.  Caesarea was Rome's stronghold, with large regiments of soldiers stationed there. 

Joppa (Jaffa) was one of the oldest seaport cities in the region, dating back long before Jonah and his eventful trip inside a whale!

Day 1 – Peter Goes to Joppa


Peter traveled to Lydda to visit the Jewish believers who had settled there. A miracle occurred (9:32-35), and many believed in the Lord Jesus. It seemed that Lydda would be a good place to stay awhile, but then, he was called to respond to an urgent need at Joppa. Peter was willing to go where he was needed most.


Am I willing to be interrupted, particularly when I have many seemingly worthwhile things to do? How can I better see God's hand at work as He places me where He needs me to be?


Day 2

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Cornelius Fast

Explore the story of Cornelius and how he used his circle of influence to invite family and friends to hear the gospel. For more information about this fast go to

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