Building Your Prayer Life



I. What is prayer?     

A. Prayer is man’s attempt to communicate with God. 

Even those who have no knowledge of the true God have developed ways of talking to their `gods’. They offer sacrifices, they chant, they light candles, etc. But in his sinful state, man is spiritually separated from the holy God, so he cannot have an audience with Him except when God chooses to be merciful and hears a man’s cry for help. But a person who does not have a personal relationship with God offers his prayers not to the true God, but to his 'false gods'

B. Those who do not know God pray with meaningless repetition.

People who do not know God pray according to their human imaginations. That is why they pray with meaningless repetition. 

C. Those who know God pray according to His revealed character.

On the other hand, Jesus taught His disciples to pray to the Father according to what has been revealed about His character. 

II. Why do we pray?

A. Communication is essential in cultivating our relationship with God. 

Like in any human relationship, communication keeps the bond alive and growing. 

B. We are commanded to pray. 

It pleases God that we regularly talk to Him. Thus, the more we pray, the more we make God happy. 

III. For what do we pray? Everything.

While the amount of time we spend praying or attending prayer activities does not necessarily reflect an effective prayer life, it definitely reflects the intensity of our desire to grow in it.