Joshua - Warcry


Every army has a warcry. Our memory verse is the Hebrew warcry

Rak Chazak Amats

“Only be strong and courageous.”

God gave it to Moses and Joshua. Joshua passed it to Israel.

Their warcry is our warcry. Rak – only do what follows. Chazak – be strong, act like a man. Amats – take courage, make secure, be obstinate.

Rak Chazak

Chazak amats!


  • Memorize Joshua 1:9

  • Plan a fast, feast, celebration, baptism, service project or another event with your brothers this week.

  • Are you in a battle right now?  What is your war cry?

This plan is designed to be a standalone plan.  It is also part 3 of a 10-part series.