Joshua - Rest


"The war is over - God has given your brothers rest" - Joshua.

Joshua ended the Canaanite campaign the way he began it - by gathering the Gilead tribes of Israel - the Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh. Before crossing into the Promised Land, those tribes asked Moses to let them settle for the Gilead side of the Jordan River, opposite of Canaan - outside of the Promised Land.

Moses granted the land to them on the condition that they march first into battle and fight alongside their brothers, the other tribes of Israel. They received their inheritance, yet they had work to do before they could enjoy it. They did not rest until God gave their brothers rest.

Jesus followers also have an inheritance, and the war is over. Jesus won every battle on the cross. Like Israel, we are called to fight for our brothers, our sons, our daughters, our wives, and our homes.

Promised Land rest was Israel's inheritance, Spiritual rest is the inheritance of God's warriors.

Paul described our inheritance in his letter to the Ephesians saying, "God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing."

This week we will answer three questions:

  • What are these blessings?

  • Can we earn them?

  • How can we rest in or enjoy them?

The theme of Joshua echoed in chapter 22, verse 5 gives us a hint:

Love God and serve Him if you want to enjoy His blessings.


  • Memorize Joshua 22:5

  • What blessings do you have that you aren't enjoying?

This plan is designed to be a standalone plan.  It is also part 9 of a 10-part series.