Unhindered By Fear

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One of my favorite things to do in the world is go surfing. I’m telling you, it’s the greatest feeling out there! Yet amongst all the fun, there are times where the waves test me way beyond my limits. Surfing has truly taught me how to be a true risk-taker. The risks are endless and there’s no guarantee you won’t get bruised, stabbed in the eye with the nose of your board (yeah, that happens), or held under by a wave for far too long. Did I mention, my favorite risk of all: a chance encounter with a great white shark! 

You might be wondering why I still continue to surf when the risks are so high. I get it, it’s crazy! But would you believe these risky moments are the reason why we surfers love it so much! Not only is it incredibly fun, but it gives us an opportunity to taste a fearless moment. As a wave rolls in, it’s as if the ocean is saying to me, “I dare you to be fearless. In that moment I have two options. I can either allow fear to paralyze me and let the waves roll by, or I can accept the challenge and paddle into it! 

The first option is within my comfort zone and I hear a little voice inside my head telling me to play it safe. The second option pushes me outside of my comfort zone, entering into uncharted waters and potentially rewarding me with the most exhilarating experience. There is no guarantee I am going to make it into the wave without wiping out. Even if I do all of the right things, there’s a chance something could go wrong. 

It’s important to remember in life that you will never arrive at a place where there is no risk. It’s a risk to get out of bed, it’s a risk to get in your car (especially if you drive in Miami! SHEESH!), it’s a risk to show up to work; nothing is guaranteed. You may be surprised as you weigh out your decisions how some options that appear safe are actually quite risky. 

So what’s the antidote to risk-itis? How do you shut down that voice that tells you to play it safe? I found comfort from King David, one of the most heroic dudes in the Bible. He says, “In God I have put my trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me” (NKJV). Sounds to me like David had enough of fear holding him back and made the decision to swing all the way in the direction of God. By putting his trust in God and deciding to not hide away in fear, a supernatural confidence came to him. Trusting in God + choosing to not be afraid = confidence to be fearless. The confidence we are looking for will only come when we step out to DO it. Trust in God as he makes you fearless to achieve your dreams. I promise the reward is worth the risk.

Get the [F]ear out of Your Head

Today’s challenge:

  1. Get into a quiet space and close your eyes. Visualize yourself in the midst of your fear. Instead of imagining the worst outcome, imagine yourself succeeding. 

  2. Write down the reward of the risk you are struggling with and put it in front of you daily. 

  3. Do other things outside of your comfort zone like hiking to a high elevation, singing in front of a crowd, dancing in public, or spending time serving others in need. 

Any step taken in faith is a step in the right direction.