Presence 7: Arts That Inspire Reflection & Prayer

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


Amazing Grace


Grace is the offer to breathe


to stop here and rest,

to lay down the need

to do it my way,

the courage to risk.


Grace is a hand held, 

an invitation to surrender,

reaching beyond reason,

a re-routing of my heart.


Grace is liberation,

an ending of not good enough, 

of blame, shame and shadow;

an awakening of joy;

the emergence of hope.


Grace is the great homecoming,

the welcome of loving-kindness, 

a belonging and a becoming:

unmasked and fear free.


Grace is the challenge 

to choose kindness,

a call to join the resistance, 

when injustice 

swells triumphant

and thoughts of hatred rise;

a movement of mercy.


Grace is extravagant, 

unrelenting, tenderhearted,

removes boundaries, 

stretches horizons;

is a pearl of great price.


Amazing grace.


Chris Matthews