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Presence 7: Arts That Inspire Reflection & PrayerSample

Presence 7: Arts That Inspire Reflection & Prayer

DAY 1 OF 5

Amazing Grace


Grace is the offer to breathe


to stop here and rest,

to lay down the need

to do it my way,

the courage to risk.


Grace is a hand held, 

an invitation to surrender,

reaching beyond reason,

a re-routing of my heart.


Grace is liberation,

an ending of not good enough, 

of blame, shame and shadow;

an awakening of joy;

the emergence of hope.


Grace is the great homecoming,

the welcome of loving-kindness, 

a belonging and a becoming:

unmasked and fear free.


Grace is the challenge 

to choose kindness,

a call to join the resistance, 

when injustice 

swells triumphant

and thoughts of hatred rise;

a movement of mercy.


Grace is extravagant, 

unrelenting, tenderhearted,

removes boundaries, 

stretches horizons;

is a pearl of great price.


Amazing grace.


Chris Matthews

Day 2

About this Plan

Presence 7: Arts That Inspire Reflection & Prayer

Presence Plan is a collection of chapters with the purpose of creating space. A relaxing, mindful experience leading us in reflection & prayer. Music, film, and poetry inspired from scripture throughout the plan weave a ...


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