Six Characteristics Of A Strong Family

Day 5 of 6 • This day’s reading


We have already discovered four characteristics of a strong family: Strong Commitment, Spending Time Together, Good Communication, and Affection for One Another. In order to help you practice diligence in loving your family members well, we want to give you two more. Today, let’s focus on this one: 

Strong Families have the ability to solve problems and react well in a crisis. 

The only perfect person was Jesus. So, when dealing with imperfect people, like ourselves and our family members, conflict will more than likely arise. The difference in strong families and families that crumble, however, is that strong families deal with conflict well. 

They have learned the value of using “win-win” strategies to solve disagreements. They face crisis situations with good communication and a sense of security, and they are always quick to be patient and readily forgive. 

Conflict can often be challenging, and it is not always the easiest to step into a difficult conversation with grace and love. Through Christ and the mercy He has shown us, however, we can confidently and patiently love our family well even through pain and hurt. 

Is there conflict in your family you need to step into? Perhaps, you need to graciously communicate to a family member how they have hurt you. Or, maybe it is you that have hurt them and you are being led to ask for forgiveness. Will you rely on God’s love for you today for the strength to love your family well in the midst of conflict?