You Can Know God

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Day 1 - Closer Tomorrow Than Today

Everywhere I go people say to me, “Karen, I want what you have—I want be close to God like you are.” I usually tell them, “If you’re a Christian, you already have what I have!” But obviously, they don’t know how to get closer to God than they are.

The good news is that we can always get closer to God. He wants us to. He’s ready and willing and able to have the most intimate relationship possible with you.

Let me be clear: I don’t, by any means, know all there is to know about Him. Nobody does! God is so deep! No one knows everything about Him—the depth of His greatness is beyond measurement. 

Psalm 145:3 says that no one can fathom His greatness (NIV). God is fathomless. The definition of fathomless is “to be too deep to be measured; to be bottomless.” You and I will spend all eternity getting to know Him more, getting closer and closer to Him.

But we can know Him better tomorrow than we do today. We can go deeper in our relationship with Him and get closer to Him every day, hearing His voice, receiving His love and accessing His power. That’s my goal every day—to get closer to Him.

We’ll never get all the way to “perfect knowledge of God” or the pinnacle of closeness with Him while we’re on this earth. He’s fathomless, remember? There will always be more of Him to know and get closer to.

But you can get closer to God. Every day! God loves you; you are the apple of His eye. He created you for His pleasure. And amazingly enough, He wants to be closer to you, too. Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship.