Axis Podcast Bible Plan


What is Your Axis?

Each one of us is part of an ever-revolving world, making our unique stamp on the space we occupy. From your first breath to your last, all of your actions and decisions are based on something and those actions and decisions affect those around you. Do you ever consider why you do the things you do? Why you may react in particular ways or make certain decisions? It is not by chance. Your method of living, in all areas of your life, comes from your very center—your axis.

Welcome to the AxisPodcast reading plan. We are two sisters, Anna and Erin, with a passion to help you fight for your mind, body, and soul. We know this life is truly a fight. We have an enemy who wants nothing more than to take us off course, to disconnect us from our axis. That is why we encourage you to align the three areas of mind, body, and soul to live a life of purpose and passion. 

An axis is defined as a straight, central part of a structure to which other parts are connected. Imagine the axle of a bicycle. The axle is a central rod that keeps a wheel stable in order for it to rotate smoothly. Our lives are like that metaphorical wheel rolling on a journey through this life and a sturdy axle is crucial in the proper functioning of your wheel. When that solid rod is cracked or broken by faulty beliefs, destructive habits, or inconsistent patterns, the wheel of your life will not work as well. 

What is my axis? Ask yourself and ponder it for a minute. What is the basis of all my actions?

I believe these questions will be answered on your journey to find what you believe, which will bring up deeper questions such as, What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about God?

When you can embrace and truly know what it means to be a child of God and see our Father as the loving Savior that He is, then your axis will be sturdy and your wheel can roll smoothly no matter what happens in your life. 

The community of AxisPodcast includes a wide array of individuals just like you. We have all experienced depression and anxiety, insecurity, marriage and financial problems, and pain from our past, some brought on by circumstances out of our control, some by poor choices we’ve made. We commiserate with you if you are reading this and realize your axis might be off! 

Thankfully, with God’s leading we figured out that the pressures of life just aren’t going to change. We discovered that a crucial part of being proactive in keeping our axis from breaking under the many pressures of life is to keep our mind, body, and soul integratively healthy and thriving.

In this plan, Anna and I will talk about how the mind, body, and soul can and must work together synergistically to make your spiritual axis strong. We eagerly anticipate revealing how living this way has moved us from just surviving to flourishing.