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Commitment - Re-CommitmentSample

Commitment - Re-Commitment

DAY 1 OF 7

Prudy Verzo: Why Commit?

One idea that is now circulating in the business world  is knowing the “why” of every industry. I believe it is true in different areas of life as well. You have to know why you are studying or taking a certain university course. You have to know why you are applying to a certain job. You have to know why you are dating or marrying someone. You have to know why you are doing a certain thing and not the other thing. ‘Why’ can also be called ‘purpose’ and ‘goal’. It is hard to commit if you do not know why you have to commit, if you do not know the purpose, if you do not know the goal.

Our verse today talks about pressing toward the ‘goal’ to get the win (the prize). Let me ask you this: do you know why you are committing your life to God? You have to know your goal so that you can stick to that commitment. 

In Greek, the original language of the letter to the Philippians was written by St. Paul, the word goal can be literally translated in English as mark. What is our goal or mark in our commitment to God? Or the right way to ask that question is, WHO is our mark? To be committed to God, our mark should be knowing who Jesus is, then knowing further that He gave His life so that we will not be forever separated from him and be with Him for eternity. Let me call you now to KNOW JESUS more and more on a daily basis.

Prayer: Lord God, deep inside my heart I want to know Jesus more! Help me to search for Him and have an intimate knowledge of who He is, what He did for me and what He wanted me to become, in His name, amen.

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Commitment - Re-Commitment

Only God can give us a new beginning. Commitment to Him is essential to become a new person. In this devotional material written by the three pastors of LifeCity Church, Arnold Gamboa, Mike Medlin and Prudy Verzo. They p...


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