Face Your Impossible

Face Your Impossible

DAY 1 OF 4

Day 1 – Stand Still and Believe

Moses stood on the banks of the Red Sea, the fearful cries of the Hebrew people filling his ears. Before him, the raging sea. Behind him, Pharaoh and his fierce Egyptian army in hot pursuit, kicking up billows of dust with their horses and war chariots. 

An impossible situation. And yet, God had led them here.

We’ve all had moments when we feel stuck, when it seems like there is nowhere to turn, no way forward and no way back. Are you at an impasse, facing an impossible situation? 

What “red sea” stands before you? It may be a situation at work, at home or perhaps within yourself as you grapple with hopes and dreams and even disappointments. 

You have two options: #1 Stand still and believe or #2 Back down, change your mind, find an easier way, a more logical course.

And yet, just as with Moses, there’s something in the wind and waves of the sea before you that calls out your name, teasing and tantalizing your faith, reminding you that you did pray, you did seek God – you’ve done your best to follow him. The whisper in the breeze dares you to risk all, to seize the opportunity, to believe.

Exodus 13:17 tells us that when Pharaoh let the Israelites go free, God did not lead his people by the shortest or most logical way. He knew what they would face in that pathway and that it might cause them to change their minds. Instead of taking that risk, God specifically led them by way of the Red Sea.

The people were afraid, with the seemingly impossible sea before them and their enemies closing in from behind. But Moses knew God had led them there. It looked impossible – but deep in his spirit he believed that God had brought them to this point and God would make a way.

Maybe you heard right. Maybe God really did lead you here and the sea thrashing before you is his will for your life.

What’s your Red Sea? Maybe it’s not as impossible as it seems. 

“Do not be afraid. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” Exodus 14:13


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Face Your Impossible

Are you facing an impossible situation? Faith can open the way! Following the story of Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea, this 4-day devotional will help you breakthrough to victory. Maybe you did hear God after al...

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