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Grand Plans - Small StepsSample

Grand Plans - Small Steps

DAY 1 OF 7

The Divine Spark

Have you ever noticed how a child’s imagination is almost endlessly at play?  Whether staring at the clouds, role-playing or pretending some future career, a child’s mind is alive with wonder. 

Where does this ability come from? 

When  we read the opening chapter of the Bible we see that imagination flows from God Himself. Genesis 1 tells us that the earth was without form and void, yet God imagined oceans, lands, solar systems and eco systems. All of God’s wonderful creation first existed in his imagination! 

God didn’t stop there; He then made Man in His own image with the capacity to see, not just with natural eyes but to see with the eyes of our imagination.

Imagination is the divine spark at play within the soul of man. 

God created our soul to be alive with imagination and wonder, but as we grow older it seems that life’s disappointments and limitations can snuff out the divine spark and stop us from imagining what the future could be. 

When we read of Abram in Genesis 15, we find him struggling to believe God’s promise for the future. So, God comes to Abram and invites him to step out of his tent and look up at the stars.

Perhaps God is inviting you to do the same thing today. It’s time to step outside the tent, to step outside of the more-of-the-same mindset and look again at the stars. If God is for you (and He is!) what could be possible in your future? 

The Apostle Paul accomplished more than perhaps any other individual in the New Testament (outside of Jesus). In Ephesians 3:14-21, Paul prays for us. He prays that we too might grasp the deep and wide love that God has for us and the immeasurable power that God’s Spirit works within us. 

This same love is toward you and same power is at work within you, so step out of the tent and begin to dream! 

Imagination is God’s divine spark within you so take some time today to allow your mind to come alive with possibilities for your future. 

About this Plan

Grand Plans - Small Steps

God has given every individual the power to dream and the power to do - to make grand plans and take small steps. Over seven ...


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