More Than Pretty – Erica Campbell

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


Day 1: Be Honest

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a friend’s post. The image she posted was pretty. I double tapped and liked the picture. That evening, I got a text from her about how depressed she was. It made me realize the image she posted for the world to see didn’t match the pain in her heart.

We have to learn to be honest first with ourselves and then with God. I’m not going to blame social media, but girl, you are so much more than your best-filtered photo. If your heart and mind aren’t good, a pretty post won’t fix it. That image isn’t the real you, and those little hearts and thumbs up are not an accurate measure or validation of who you are.

I am who God says I am. I’m not even who I think I am or want to be. My identity isn’t in my career or marriage, and it’s not in my ministry or even my family. My identity is in Christ alone. 

One of the enemy’s favorite tools is lying to us about who we are! We only recognize his lies when we know God’s truth. Take a moment to meditate and rehearse what our loving God thinks of us.