Proper Healing From Pain

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"The Meaning of Proper Healing"

My grief and pain came off the heels of a shattered relationship. For the first time in my life I had a hard time eating. I cried at least once every day for seven months, often multiple times daily. I questioned everything I knew, even my understanding of God. I’d like to say I handled that season well, but I didn’t always.

Perhaps you can relate to the loss of a relationship, or that of a loved one? There is also the loss of a long sought after dream, that of traumatic abuse, or the deeply felt effects of abandonment that leave you broken and in need of healing. It's those rare seasons that leave you feeling empty, without purpose and alone. It's the moments of pure vulnerability and uncertainty no one sees but God. You try to make sense of it all while nurturing the raw wounds embedded deeply within your soul.

Within my own personal experience, I tried to be strong by throwing myself in prayer and Scripture. I tried to be around friends hoping to forget about the loneliness. But after two months I broke in a new way. I wanted to give up and throw in the towel because it wasn’t getting any easier. I began seeking out comfort in the world, however after a month I knew those things couldn’t help me heal from the pain I felt so I recommitted to the healing process through Christ.

It was here I learned a valuable life lesson: there is no bypass to proper healing. As much as I tried to bury the pain deep and sought the comforts of this world, I realized there was no way to heal unless I went through the hurt.

I found great comfort In Jeremiah 30:12,17; I read it and saw an incredible turn of events. How could pain and wounds be incurable in one breath, and healed the next? The understanding lies in the context. Wounds cannot heal when that healing is sought in the world. It’s impossible. But with God any wound is available to healing. The difference lies in the source. I saw hope for what I thought was incurable at the time and placed my trust in the God who heals.

In the following days we'll uncover the dynamics of proper healing and what that looks like. We'll discover my own journey and the perseverance required through grief, along with the best insight I could share for the process. All of it folds into the beautiful mess of proper healing.