The Voices and the Choices - Part 3


This is the 3rd part of “The Voices and the Choices” Bible plan. Part 1 describes “The Battlefield” by identifying the voices that we hear each day which lead to the choices we need to make. Part 2 describes the “Voices of the Enemy” and a few common lies that we believe. Part 3 describes “Life-Giving Choices to Make” to walk and live in fulness and truth.

The blame game never works as we are ultimately responsible for the choices we make no matter what may have provoked us. Here are 10 choices that will always serve you well.

The Choice of Focus/Perspective 

We all have a perspective…a lens through which we see life and events. So, how do you “SEE” your life? Do you see it through the eyes of a victim living in a wretched world? Or do you see through the eyes of trusting a faithful God working all things together? Do you hold a positive or a negative worldview? There are as many answers to the question of perspective as there are people. Some would say that life is like a circus with varied performers. Other say that life is like a symphony with many parts, a puzzle with many pieces, a minefield to navigate. And lastly, some say that life is like a carousel: sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down and sometimes you are just going around and around. Stop and ponder just how you picture life as it truly influences how you live. Your perspective is key to HOW your see life. It shapes your responses to life.

Reframing our perspective allows us to create a different way of looking at a situation, person, circumstance or relationship. What if you could look at problems, mistakes or challenges as your greatest resource for learning? Instead of stumbling blocks, you could look at them as stepping stones. The best thing about any mistake is that you get a chance to learn from it. Let the learning begin! What if you believed that everything could add some value to your life, that nothing is wasted? What if you believed that God’s promises were actually true and trusted the good Shepard to work all things together for our good? We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond, how we frame it and our perspective of it. You can choose your focus at every turn.

The apostle Paul was a great “reframer” of his perspective. His filter of faith and trust allowed him to see differently. When he was in prison in Rome, instead of choosing the perspective of a prisoner, he chose the lens and perspective of preacher and encourager. Read the story in Philippians 1. Remember, as with Paul, you will find whatever you are looking for. Your perspective will lead you. That can be a scary proposition. Choose to see through the lens of faith. Choose to trust the Trustworthy One and focus on “all that is praiseworthy.” God can use your trials to bring about the perfecting of your character. He can turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones for future usefulness and greater glory. But we must cooperate and allow Him to do so. Choosing His eternal perspective in my life has been a great game-changer for me.


How can you reframe your perspective to produce greater life-giving results? How could you go from being a victim to being a victor?


Lord help me to see through an eternal perspective, through the eyes of faith and trust in Your Sovereign ways even when I don’t understand.