Values of an Entrepreneur

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“Which is the most important?”

It’s such a great question. And it’s something we all want to know, right? What’s the most important thing? When it comes to our work and our life, Jesus makes it simple: love God and love others.

As faith-driven entrepreneurs, these two commandments are the foundation upon which we build our businesses and our lives. That being said, this doesn’t mean that we need to be passing out tracts in the office or engraving Bible verses and Ichthus fish symbols on all our products. But it does mean that our heart posture is aligned with who God says we are and what He wants from and for us, and our daily decisions flow from that reality.

It also means that it should be impossible for someone to spend any meaningful time with us and not know that our Christian faith is what guides and drives us. It’s our faith that demands we do everything we do—heart, soul, mind, and strength—with love for God and love for others at the forefront.

If you want a personal value to strive toward, this is number one. It means that every aspect of the job, every product, every relationship with partners, employees, suppliers, and customers works toward bringing about God’s redemptive story. Even though we often fall short, we can always aim toward that goal.

Further Thought 

  • Why is it so difficult to keep faith at the center of everything we do? Why is it so easy to skip over this? What’s the most important thing to you and why?

  • Write down the top three things that drive the decisions you make every day. How do you see God using those things in your life to draw you and others closer to Him?

  • Think about your heart, mind, and strength. How would you define each of those, and what would your life look like if they were all unified and focused on loving God and loving others?