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How Jesus Won Your WarSample

How Jesus Won Your War

DAY 1 OF 3

Day One – Angels and Jesus

The Son of God was born as a baby to Joseph and Mary, taking the battle from heaven to earth. God sent an angel to tell them Jesus was coming. Can you imagine the enormity of this experience? No one ever went to the backwater town of Nazareth. Then an angel showed up to announce the choice of an unlikely young woman for the most important task ever assigned to any mere mortal.

This was just the beginning of angelic ministry in the life of Jesus. In fact angels served in Jesus’ earthly life in thirteen ways:

  1. An angel promised the birth and ministry of John the Baptizer.
  2. An angel named Jesus.
  3. An angel told Mary she was chosen to be Jesus’ virgin mother
  4. An angel told Mary and Joseph to parent Jesus.
  5. Angels told the shepherds Jesus was born.
  6. Angels worshipped Jesus at His birth.
  7. Angels warned Jesus’ parents of the coming genocide so they could flee to Egypt.
  8. Angels strengthened Jesus after His temptation battle with Satan.
  9. An angel strengthened Jesus in Gethsemane before the cross.
  10. An angel rolled the stone away from Jesus’ tomb.
  11. An angel told two women at the empty tomb that Jesus had risen.
  12. Two angels comforted Mary Magdalene and reunited her with Jesus.
  13. Angels promised that Jesus would be coming again.

And still yet to come, angels will declare Jesus’ victory and ride into history with Him for war in the end.


Day 2

About this Plan

How Jesus Won Your War

No matter what you’re facing today, know this: Jesus has already won your war. Mark and Grace Driscoll impart three powerful lessons to encourage you through your spiritual struggles.

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