The Perseverance of an Entrepreneur

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Looking Back to Speed Up

Entrepreneurship is a marathon—a marathon that often feels like it may never end. But whether you’re just starting the first few miles or eyeing the finish line, there’s a lesson about perseverance in the Bible that’s for all of us.

Hebrews 11 is a list of people from the Old and New Testament who lived by faith and did extraordinary things. This chapter is often referred to as The Hall of Faith because of how prominent so many of its members are in the story of God through the Bible.

So here, the author is reminding us that when we face hardship, difficulty, and uncertainty, we can look to these men and women throughout history and see that they did too.

Unsure that your business is even going to work, let alone make sense in this day and age? Check out Noah.

Doubtful that you’ll be able to provide for your family? Give the story of Abraham a read.

Fear that you can’t lead your company and employees where they need to go? Sounds like something Moses faced.

Yet, while we have all these incredible examples of people who ran the race of life well in spite of extremely difficult circumstances, there’s still one more. The author of Hebrews doesn’t merely point us to other humans we can follow but instead reminds us that Jesus persevered too.

What Jesus faced when He encountered the cross was infinitely harder than anything we will face in our businesses, let alone our lives. But it’s because of this that we have hope. Because we know Jesus, we know the person who is able to endure anything. Because we know Jesus, we know that His Spirit is inside us prompting and pushing us to keep running.

Further Thought

  • How do you respond when you face difficult circumstances or unexpected setbacks? Who are some people that you look to as examples of how to respond during those times?

  • Who are some of the people in Hebrews 11 that you admire? What about their lives is worth emulating in your own?