Listening To God

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Hearing God's Voice

Like Job, I want to treasure (crave) God’s words and guidance more than my daily food! Don’t you? Like the Scripture from Isaiah taught, I want to be able to hear the voice behind me telling me the way I should walk in.

But, how do I hear His voice? And, is He really still speaking? Take heart; God is a communicator! He created the gift of communication. That means He does speak, and we do have the ability to hear Him—and even respond to His voice. If God is still speaking, we should do everything in our power to recognize His voice and listen! The act of listening is what’s so desperately needed, yet often sorely lacking, for true communication.

First, let’s look at some ways God will speak to us.

God speaks through His Word. God’s already revealed much of His will and plan for us through the Word of God. Spending time reading His Word is one of the strongest ways to hear directly from Him.

God speaks through His Whispers. He will often speak softly to our spirits, give us dreams, visions, and/or instruct us through our circumstances. He also will direct our thoughts to His plans.

God speaks through His People. At times God will speak His heart for us through other Christians. It could be in the form of encouragement, correction, or guidance.

My prayer is that this short, seven-day reading plan will be straight from our loving Father’s heart to teach you to avoid the opposing clamor, awaken you to focus on His voice, and fully captivate your heart.

Ask the Father: What do I need to do to become a better listener?

Today’s worship song recommendation: “Yield My Heart” by Kim Walker-Smith