God Owns My Business

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God's Co-Founder

God is the original entrepreneur. If anyone knows what it’s like to create and build something completely new, it’s Him. And we can see that from the very beginning He has created us to share in His entrepreneurial process.

In this verse, we see that God invited Adam into the work of caring for and cultivating the Garden right away. He didn’t just set Adam down in Eden and tell him to enjoy himself. Adam had roles and responsibilities. You think your day is busy today? Imagine having to name every single animal in existence.

So often, we think of work as a curse—as something God made us do after we got kicked out of the Garden. But what if work is actually a part of His image? What if it’s an invitation to create and build alongside the Ultimate entrepreneur? What if work is something God gave us as a vehicle through which we can enjoy His presence?

What made the Garden of Eden so special wasn’t the absence of work. It was the presence of the perfect co-worker. See, God and Adam worked together. The Garden of Eden and all the plants and animals in it were shared between God and man. That’s the perfect vision of work—that we can be united in purpose, passion, and pursuit with God. 

God wants to work with us. He wants to create with us. He wants to start, share, and complete new projects and ideas with us. He didn’t leave Adam alone to tend to the Garden of Eden, and He doesn’t ask us to work in isolation.

Because we have an entrepreneurial God, we can share our startup journey with Him through every stage of the process. And whether we realize it or not, He’s the best Co-Founder we could ask for.

Further Thought

  • How would your work look differently today if you viewed God as the co-founder of your entrepreneurial journey?

  • What would be different about your decision making if you saw yourself not as the owner of your business, but as a steward of God’s business?